Motivational Monday

Gratitude is an attitude.  I love that saying.  When I say that to myself, it really sets the stage in my mind as to what I want to think upon and focus my attention on.

This weekend I was doing laundry.  The simplest of tasks.  As I was bending to the basket to grab the clothes and toss them into the washer I twisted just right to catch my lower back.  I felt it right away.

I knew that feeling from a few years ago when I tweaked my back by sleeping wrong.  At that time I can remember thinking what a blessing it is to have your health and a body that does not hurt.  So, when I tweaked my back again- a dread came over me, because it had debilitated me for a few weeks the last time.

I did only what I knew to do.  I prayed.  I asked the Lord to heal me, because I believe in His power to heal.  I spoke scripture over my body.  I focused on what I knew God could do and not the pain I was feeling at the time.  That day was a bit painful, I admit.  The following day was a little better.  This morning I did my workout with some friends that come over most every weekday.  I was not sure how much I would be able to do, but my back felt pretty good considering.  I am a little stiff, but overall I am so thankful that my loving God continues to help my back feel relieved more and more each day.

I am so grateful for my health.  I am grateful to friends that motivate me to workout most everyday.  I am grateful to know God and that He hears my cries and helps me.

What are you grateful for today?   Keep gratitude your focus today, I am going to.

Pass It On

Motivational Monday


Hey everyone!  I want to intentionally make efforts to encourage others and try to live my life upbeat and seeing the positive things going on around me.  Of course life does not always go that way, and that is ok, too.  But on Monday’s I thought I might share a motivational word to brighten your week, as I work to be a better person as well.

I believe that we all have greatness within each of us and our life’s journey creates countless opportunities to pass on – kindness, understanding, and our best banana bread recipe.  It feels good to share something that will benefit another and it feels good to receive an intentional nugget of kindness too.

Let’s be the kind of people that we love to be around.

Monday Motivational Challenge:  Intentionally think about a way to ‘pass it on‘… that nugget of kindness to others.

It might be opening the door to others, picking up trash along the street you live on, a smile to everyone you pass, a long overdo visit to a friend, or sharing a recipe with a co-worker.

My Goal this week as I  ‘Pass it on’:  

  • Monday: Smile at every student I see.
  • Tuesday: Only speak encouraging words at my sons Jr. High Football game.  AND bring a treat to my officers booster meeting.
  • Wednesday: Buy a latte for a friend. AND touch base with my sister.
  • Thursday:  Do something special for my husband.
  • Friday: Volunteer my time to the Northwest Children’s Association & Tekoa Booster Club.
  • Saturday: Make a baked good and bring it to my Mom’s house, my Grandma’s house and my Mother-in-Laws house.
  • Sunday: Reflection time and speaking blessings over my family.

What are your goals and/or ideas to ‘Pass it on’?