60’s Workout


My schedule allowed me to workout Monday through Thursday this week.  As I was planning out what workouts I wanted to do, I got the idea to structure them like a pyramid workout, but instead have my reps or time go up each day.   So, how it ended up looking was on Monday, everything equaled the number 40.  On Tuesday it went to 50.  60 for Wednesday and finishing off with 70 on Thursday.  I always alternate lifting with weights to give my arms a break.

Tomorrow’s workout looks like this.


The 40’s and 50’s have steadily increased the challenge.  As I get more advanced in my ability I may look to do… 60’s all the way to 100’s.  Another fun idea is make a playlist for the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s with that time frame of music mixed in. It was really fun putting these workouts together.  I enjoy variety and this mixed things up for the week.

Is there a unique way you like to put your workouts together?

Motivational Monday

Gratitude is an attitude.  I love that saying.  When I say that to myself, it really sets the stage in my mind as to what I want to think upon and focus my attention on.

This weekend I was doing laundry.  The simplest of tasks.  As I was bending to the basket to grab the clothes and toss them into the washer I twisted just right to catch my lower back.  I felt it right away.

I knew that feeling from a few years ago when I tweaked my back by sleeping wrong.  At that time I can remember thinking what a blessing it is to have your health and a body that does not hurt.  So, when I tweaked my back again- a dread came over me, because it had debilitated me for a few weeks the last time.

I did only what I knew to do.  I prayed.  I asked the Lord to heal me, because I believe in His power to heal.  I spoke scripture over my body.  I focused on what I knew God could do and not the pain I was feeling at the time.  That day was a bit painful, I admit.  The following day was a little better.  This morning I did my workout with some friends that come over most every weekday.  I was not sure how much I would be able to do, but my back felt pretty good considering.  I am a little stiff, but overall I am so thankful that my loving God continues to help my back feel relieved more and more each day.

I am so grateful for my health.  I am grateful to friends that motivate me to workout most everyday.  I am grateful to know God and that He hears my cries and helps me.

What are you grateful for today?   Keep gratitude your focus today, I am going to.

My Go To Low-Carb Lunch

This last month I have really enjoyed making a little sampler plate.  Here is how I quickly put this plate together.

  1. Heat up (both sides) in a skillet with butter, 1 Joseph’s Pita Pocket.  When finished cut them with a pizza cutter into triangles Δ.
  2. About 4 or 5 Pork Rinds.
  3. String cheese stick or a few slices of cheddar cheese.
  4. Mashed-up or sliced avocado & add Himalayan Salt
  5. A scoop of salsa
  6. A scoop of hummus
  7. Small dill pickle or two
  8. Hard boiled egg & add Himalayan Salt
  9. A few slices of summer sausage
  10. Small Caesar salad

So this sampler plate can consist of any items that sound good that day or that you have on hand.  The only things that takes a couple minutes is to heat and crisp up the Pita.  Simple and satisfying.

6 Helpful Tips To Start Keto

For many — MANY years (17- ugh!) I have tried any and every way to lose weight.  I am the body type who LOVES to hold on to her weight.  I never had a weight issue until I started having kids.  Include my metabolism slowing to a halt and you create a perfect storm of weight gain upon weight gain!

But, on May 2, 2017  I stumbled upon a YouTube explaining an eating plan called Keto.  In that few minute video, the intrigue began.  I am a research NUT and so I took notes vigorously.  By the following Monday (8th of May) I was ready to get started with this new weird thing called KETO.  Here were a few things that I did to get me started within 6 days of first learning about it.

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