Things I Enjoy Thursday

My TOP picks for the week of ‘Things I Enjoy Thursday’!

  • Mac’s BBQ Pork Skins
    • I have been following a Keto diet for over 6 months now and I was getting to the point where I was really tired of plain pork rinds and wishing for a tastier crunchy snack.  I don’t care for spicy flavor and that seemed to be the only flavor that I could find at the grocery, until this week when I spotted a BBQ flavor.  I LOVE them.  Score for me!!


  • Marc New York Black Zip Up Vest

I love this vest.  I got it last winter from my StichFix stylist.  I have been doing StitchFix for over a year.  In that year, there was only 1 time that I did not purchase everything they picked out.  Being on the farm and living country life is something that I would never trade.  But, I do enjoy someone picking out fashion items that I wouldn’t necessarily think of to add to my wardrobe.  These items are also a little more than I might spend, but they are by far the items I pull from my closet and wear when I am heading out and about.  I would spend a little more on something that I will wear all the time.

  • Orchid
    • I have been LOVING seeing this bloom all throughout the winter months.  It is such a beautiful purple.  I so enjoyable seeing plant life during the months when everything has gone to sleep and is well, a little drab looking.  I got it from my cousin, Harmony on my 40th birthday last summer.  The other thing that I LOVE about it, is that it is very low, low maintenance.  I water it about every week and a half or so.  This is a photo I took of it today.  Simply gorgeous!  And can you see that it is still blooming. ♥IMG_5263

Thanks, Destini

This post is a simple little ditty.  I am trying each week to sit down and think about the little things.  The little things that people say to uplift me, the little things people do to make a rainy day feel, well, a bit warmer… a bit more enjoyable.

Maybe it is the beautiful sunshine that has peaked it’s head out behind the gray that seems to have consumed the last few weeks, but this morning was one of those mornings where I just felt warm inside for all these little ways that others bless my day and probably don’t even realize it.

This post is dedicated to a sweet friend who messaged me to see if Ryker was feeling ok.  Her name is Destini and she works at the school my son goes to.  He took quite a spill — head first into the bleachers at recess.  Needless to say he has quite the goose egg on the front of his head, but being in a family with four boys, these types of accidents are pretty common.  However, later that evening when I returned home from a birthday party I saw a sweet short little message asking how he was doing.  That really brightened my night and into the next day.

With all the complaining going on in the world, with all the worries and focusing on what is wrong… I hope to bring you posts of what’s going right in the world.  Destini was the perfect story to start with.

Even when you do wrong…do right

When it comes to relationships, even when you do wrong…do right!

Wow! Deep! Or completely ludicrous?!  I mess up a lot when it comes to relationships.  And, people in relationships with me, mess up.  For instance, with my kids, I don’t always respond the way I know I should to the tenth question asked or to an attitude they are expressing to me.  With my husband, I don’t always react nicely, when I see his dirty clothes, once again, on the bathroom floor or when the first words out of his mouth when he comes through the door is, “What’s for dinner?”, I can get a little snarky in my response to him.  With friends, poor communication and assumptions can lead to hurt feelings and misunderstandings.  Co-workers can get under ones skin and curt attitudes can become the normal response.  Let’s face it – relationships in life are TOUGH!  I mean, need I say more than the words ‘In-Laws’ ? Continue reading

Be A Team: Loyalty

My parents are great parents.  I just realized, it’s ok to say that.  And not in a bragging social media way.  But to really think about the subtle things they did, how they reacted in situations and their overall demeanor.  I see that it was true.  Growing up, I learned kindness and choosing right from wrong, from them.  They worked hard.  Stayed away from gossip.  I am blessed to have grown up with the parents I did.  Being a parent, I see how hard it can be to show good character and be a shining example.  They never were manipulative.  They didn’t form division between my sister and I.  They didn’t compared us.  It really was a peaceful home overall.  It definitely was not perfect, but what family is?  Through some of the rough times and seeing them work through issues gave me a visual of what loyalty looks like in a marriage.

Thinking back, I also see that playing basketball and volleyball in high school taught me many great character qualities as well.  Among them was, loyalty.   My coaches pushed our teams to sacrifice what would be easy, to instead, do what was hard.  And to not just do it for ourselves, but for the sake of the team.  By being loyal to the team, we had many play-offs and competitive competitions that went in our favor.  Our coaches also never pitted players against one another, but worked with the strengths of each individual girl.  I had great coaches.

When taking a few minutes to ponder the word loyalty- it makes me think about marriage commitment, being a respectful worker, keeping my word, serving my family, giving my all for the team, and encouraging others.

I am seeing so many areas in life where being a loyal wife, loyal mother, loyal friend, loyal worker and loyal teammate really says so much about your character and produces such positive outcomes in the lives of others around you.

If you want to be fulfilled with your life and you want to make a great name for yourself and those associated with you, then learn what it means to be loyal.

I made a list of ways that show others your loyalty to them, the team, a grade, or the workplace.  By these simple actions and reactions you prove to them you are one that can be considered loyal and who they can trust.  (By the way, I am still working on some of these.) Continue reading

Pumpkin Puree to Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin season!! Whoot Whoot!!  Yesterday I made pumpkin puree (which is so easy, by the way).  I have made homemade puree many different times over the years and decided to get busy with it this year, because Pinterest is popping up sooooo many yummy looking pumpkin recipes.  I don’t always follow recipes, but I use them as a guide to make what it is I am looking for.  I found this recipe and used the cream cheese middle. I did not try the whole recipe of Crissy’s but it looks delicious as well.  The reason why I tried a different bread is because I wanted to find one that was going to be a little more dense and moist.  So, I went to one that had sour cream in the recipe.  Here was the recipe I got for the bread part.  I tweaked it just a bit and will share the full recipe I did at the end of this post.  But first, I will share how to make your own pumpkin puree for these recipes.

Continue reading