Thanks, Destini

This post is a simple little ditty.  I am trying each week to sit down and think about the little things.  The little things that people say to uplift me, the little things people do to make a rainy day feel, well, a bit warmer… a bit more enjoyable.

Maybe it is the beautiful sunshine that has peaked it’s head out behind the gray that seems to have consumed the last few weeks, but this morning was one of those mornings where I just felt warm inside for all these little ways that others bless my day and probably don’t even realize it.

This post is dedicated to a sweet friend who messaged me to see if Ryker was feeling ok.  Her name is Destini and she works at the school my son goes to.  He took quite a spill — head first into the bleachers at recess.  Needless to say he has quite the goose egg on the front of his head, but being in a family with four boys, these types of accidents are pretty common.  However, later that evening when I returned home from a birthday party I saw a sweet short little message asking how he was doing.  That really brightened my night and into the next day.

With all the complaining going on in the world, with all the worries and focusing on what is wrong… I hope to bring you posts of what’s going right in the world.  Destini was the perfect story to start with.