6 Helpful Tips To Start Keto

For many — MANY years (17- ugh!) I have tried any and every way to lose weight.  I am the body type who LOVES to hold on to her weight.  I never had a weight issue until I started having kids.  Include my metabolism slowing to a halt and you create a perfect storm of weight gain upon weight gain!

But, on May 2, 2017  I stumbled upon a YouTube explaining an eating plan called Keto.  In that few minute video, the intrigue began.  I am a research NUT and so I took notes vigorously.  By the following Monday (8th of May) I was ready to get started with this new weird thing called KETO.  Here were a few things that I did to get me started within 6 days of first learning about it.

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Crisps & a Baby Shower

My cousin and I put together a fall Baby Shower for another one of our cousins.  We had fun with the mountain, deer, arrows, and adventure theme.  We chose various blues and greys as our color pallet.

I was in charge of making a few banners… here is what the madness looked like.


We decided to serve a few simple appetizers… but the main dessert we chose to make was a variety of fruit crisps and cobblers.  My cousin, Mary decided to take on the cobblers, which left me with the crisps.  There is something so comforting about a cobbler or a crisp.

Recipe is as follows:

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