Things I Enjoy Thursday

My TOP picks for the week of ‘Things I Enjoy Thursday’!

  • Mac’s BBQ Pork Skins
    • I have been following a Keto diet for over 6 months now and I was getting to the point where I was really tired of plain pork rinds and wishing for a tastier crunchy snack.  I don’t care for spicy flavor and that seemed to be the only flavor that I could find at the grocery, until this week when I spotted a BBQ flavor.  I LOVE them.  Score for me!!


  • Marc New York Black Zip Up Vest

I love this vest.  I got it last winter from my StichFix stylist.  I have been doing StitchFix for over a year.  In that year, there was only 1 time that I did not purchase everything they picked out.  Being on the farm and living country life is something that I would never trade.  But, I do enjoy someone picking out fashion items that I wouldn’t necessarily think of to add to my wardrobe.  These items are also a little more than I might spend, but they are by far the items I pull from my closet and wear when I am heading out and about.  I would spend a little more on something that I will wear all the time.

  • Orchid
    • I have been LOVING seeing this bloom all throughout the winter months.  It is such a beautiful purple.  I so enjoyable seeing plant life during the months when everything has gone to sleep and is well, a little drab looking.  I got it from my cousin, Harmony on my 40th birthday last summer.  The other thing that I LOVE about it, is that it is very low, low maintenance.  I water it about every week and a half or so.  This is a photo I took of it today.  Simply gorgeous!  And can you see that it is still blooming. ♥IMG_5263

Things I enjoy Thursday

This week I devote my ‘things’ to nature!

Here are my top 8 outdoorsy ‘things’ that I can’t get enough of!  Every one of these are reminiscent of the area I get to call home.

  1.  Freshly mowed grass.
  2.  The smell of the first fall rain, after a hot dry summer.
  3.  A great thunder & lightening storm.
  4.  Canadian Geese flying overhead.
  5.  Wind blowing through a wheat field.
  6.  A still winter night that let’s in a sleepy snow.
  7.  The entrance spring flowers make into a new season.
  8.  Clouds that tell a beautiful story.What is your favorite thing about nature that surrounds you?