Meet Tekoa, WA

My little hometown of Tekoa, WA is near and dear to my heart.  I’ve grown up here and besides the years away at college, it has been my home all these 40 years of my life.  There is no stop light in town, but feel free to find a sidewalk bench on a warm summer day and watch the steady traffic in and out of town.  We have a doctor’s office and a Pharmacy which is quite a plus to a town our size.  We have a coffee shop with the cutest decor and best aroma in town.  Inside you will find the owner who has grown up here all her life, as well.  She is very involved in the community and so many great events would not come to fruition if she had not dedicated her love and time.  I admire Melinda for all her many hours away from home at meetings and running around taking care of so many things.  Tekoa is so blessed to have her a part of it’s community.

We have the cutest library with a wonderful museum tucked in the back of the building.  My son was able to be a part of a living history project last year in his 6th grade class.  Each classmate picked someone who lived in Tekoa years ago and brought that person back to life (if you will).  The students dressed up the way they may have been dressed at that time and then they read their report on that certain person, in the Tekoa Museum.  It was called Night at the Museum.  The community and parents loved this hometown project, put on by their 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Mendoza, (who also grew up in Tekoa and after some years away, came back with her family.  She is an excellent teacher that Tekoa gets to call their own).

Tekoa has a grocery store, a restaurant, a bar & grill, a hardware store, a video game store, a home decor shop, a gift shop, a bank, a law office, a hair & nail salon, a post office and a historic theatre all on the main street of town.  We have a few parks and a pool for the summertime.  Again, some small towns in our area are not fortunate enough to have a pool and so they bus kids over once a week to enjoy a day at our pool.  We have a grade school and a junior high/high school.  We have a golf course. We have three churches that congregate on Sunday and a beautiful cemetery.

Tekoa is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and it sits inside various mountain ranges that are only about a ten minute drive.  At the northern base of Tekoa you find the watchful protector, Tekoa Mountain.  She stands strong and proud of her little town below.  We have hangman creek that meanders through town, giving us a few bridges in town.

Tekoa has lots of character and charm.  The people that have sacrificed so much to open a business often times donate more money to support different happenings than they do in bringing home any substantial profit.  They are truly amazing people.

Our little hometown has a celebration every third weekend of June.  This event is put on by a handful of volunteers and different businesses and groups that make up Tekoa.  It is called Slippery Gulch and we are celebrating it’s 90th celebration!  Plans are underway and I am so blessed to be able to work alongside a few mighty people on this project each year.


Celebrating our 90th in 2018!

I could go on and on about this little country town, but I will save more stories for posts down the road.  Instead, enjoy a few pictures of the landscape I get to enjoy and unfortunately take for granted too often.