60’s Workout


My schedule allowed me to workout Monday through Thursday this week.  As I was planning out what workouts I wanted to do, I got the idea to structure them like a pyramid workout, but instead have my reps or time go up each day.   So, how it ended up looking was on Monday, everything equaled the number 40.  On Tuesday it went to 50.  60 for Wednesday and finishing off with 70 on Thursday.  I always alternate lifting with weights to give my arms a break.

Tomorrow’s workout looks like this.


The 40’s and 50’s have steadily increased the challenge.  As I get more advanced in my ability I may look to do… 60’s all the way to 100’s.  Another fun idea is make a playlist for the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s with that time frame of music mixed in. It was really fun putting these workouts together.  I enjoy variety and this mixed things up for the week.

Is there a unique way you like to put your workouts together?

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