Throwback Thursday: Farm boys through the years

I haven’t shared this yet, but for about 9 years my husband and I decided to homeschool our children.  We have been blessed with four boys.  Preston is our oldest and I taught him from Kindergarten until 8th grade.  Keegan is the next oldest and then came Braxton.  These pictures and memories are before our fourth baby boy, Ryker was born.

Making the choice to homeschool was so wonderful in many ways.  At the top of the list was building a strong family unit and sharing so many memories together.  Another really great aspect for our family was that we live in the country and we farm.  The boys have spent so many hours outside.  We normally would get our formal schooling done by noon.  So they enjoyed being able to play, build, invent, and work in the shop with their Dad from early afternoon until about dinner time.  These are a few pictures from that time.

Shop Boys from 2011

Braxton was just the right size to fit inside the brand new tank and get any dirt or plastic out before it got filled for the first time.

Ice-cream break from swathing in 2010.

Preston and Keegan had fun hooking two bikes together.  Didn’t work too well, but they had a great afternoon messing around with it in 2010.

 Preston & Keegan helped their Dad with a few painting projects.

Just one of many harvests that the boys have been a part of.

This was harvest 2011.

Well, that is not all the pictures I could share, but that is good enough for now.  The boys have learned so much and shared many memories together.


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