Tips For Tuesday

Do you ever throw away large amounts of spinach or kale? I have a great way to get your money’s worth and keep from throwing your green in the trash!  Check out this week’s tip.

Having your greens each day is so important.  I have cycles where I am very good at having a salad and really loading up those great nutrients into my body.  Then there are times when I can’t possibly eat another salad.  When this happens, you can bet I will find green mold, soggy or brown leaves as they overtake the veggie before I get back into eating them again.  It becomes a vicious cycle.  I don’t like wasting money or time and buying my greens over and over, just to dump much of it into the trash drives me crazy and leaves me feeling guilty for wasting it.  But I have a great tip to not have that happen again.

No more throwing away bags like this: 

Use your blender or food processor to chomp it up into liquidy nutrient rich goodness.  I added a little bit of water to help it get into a puree form.

Next pour your greens into ice trays.  Put in freezer until frozen.  Then put into a Freezer Ziplock baggie.  Now you have cubes that can be added to your protein shakes or soups.

Aren’t ice trays so handy.  I also pour my left over coffee into these and add them to protein shakes or homemade iced coffee drinks.

What handy way do you use your ice tray for?

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