Be A Team: Loyalty

My parents are great parents.  I just realized, it’s ok to say that.  And not in a bragging social media way.  But to really think about the subtle things they did, how they reacted in situations and their overall demeanor.  I see that it was true.  Growing up, I learned kindness and choosing right from wrong, from them.  They worked hard.  Stayed away from gossip.  I am blessed to have grown up with the parents I did.  Being a parent, I see how hard it can be to show good character and be a shining example.  They never were manipulative.  They didn’t form division between my sister and I.  They didn’t compared us.  It really was a peaceful home overall.  It definitely was not perfect, but what family is?  Through some of the rough times and seeing them work through issues gave me a visual of what loyalty looks like in a marriage.

Thinking back, I also see that playing basketball and volleyball in high school taught me many great character qualities as well.  Among them was, loyalty.   My coaches pushed our teams to sacrifice what would be easy, to instead, do what was hard.  And to not just do it for ourselves, but for the sake of the team.  By being loyal to the team, we had many play-offs and competitive competitions that went in our favor.  Our coaches also never pitted players against one another, but worked with the strengths of each individual girl.  I had great coaches.

When taking a few minutes to ponder the word loyalty- it makes me think about marriage commitment, being a respectful worker, keeping my word, serving my family, giving my all for the team, and encouraging others.

I am seeing so many areas in life where being a loyal wife, loyal mother, loyal friend, loyal worker and loyal teammate really says so much about your character and produces such positive outcomes in the lives of others around you.

If you want to be fulfilled with your life and you want to make a great name for yourself and those associated with you, then learn what it means to be loyal.

I made a list of ways that show others your loyalty to them, the team, a grade, or the workplace.  By these simple actions and reactions you prove to them you are one that can be considered loyal and who they can trust.  (By the way, I am still working on some of these.)

How loyalty looks in teams:


  • Stay!  Commit!  Even when times get tough.  Stay!  There will always be conflict…stay and work through them.
  • Communicate well. Not only is it important to talk well to your spouse, but communicate well to others about your spouse.  Don’t air dirty laundry to family and friends.  Don’t play the martyr. Show loyalty to the world about your other half.
  • Being faithful to them.


  • Be there for your kids.  Not just going to their activities and visiting with them at home.  But be there when they are acting out and not pleasant to be around.
  • When they go through traumatic experiences, prove that you are there for them.  Don’t check out.
  • Don’t pit siblings against one another.  It proves your loyalty to each and seeing them uniquely as they are.

Extended Family & Friends

  • Try to see where they are coming from, when a disagreement arises. You don’t abandon them, just because you don’t agree.
  • Do little things to remind them that you are thinking of them and that you care. Life gets busy and demands can limit time together.  But sending a quick text shows your commitment to the relationship.

The Work Place

  • Go above and beyond what is asked.
  • Showing up on time.
  • Speak well about all those you work with and for.  Try to find the positive in others and work from there.
  • Put petty issues aside- for the sake of keeping a positive atmosphere and keeping your heart and mind at peace.
  • Stay out of issues that don’t have anything to do with you.

School (Student/teacher team)

  • Respect those working for you.  Hold them high.  Be so appreciative of what they do for you each day.
  • Go above and beyond what is asked of you.
  • Speak well of teachers and if issues arise speak directly to them.  Carry on a mature conversation and go into the conversation as though you know that a positive resolution can and will be found.

Sports Team

  • Commit to showing up and working harder than you worked the day before.
  • Respect your coaches – always.
  • Build up your teammates.

In all these instances, when and if difficult times come… demonstrate to others the commitment you have to the situation, to the person, to the betterment of the team or improvement in your class, by serving.  And by that, I mean, in what way can you serve and improve the situation or the relationship.  Let loyalty reign in your life and it will, over time, bring about sweet fruit in every area of your life.  Be among the few that can really be trusted by others.  Be loyal.






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