Be A Team: Loyalty

My parents are great parents.  I just realized, it’s ok to say that.  And not in a bragging social media way.  But to really think about the subtle things they did, how they reacted in situations and their overall demeanor.  I see that it was true.  Growing up, I learned kindness and choosing right from wrong, from them.  They worked hard.  Stayed away from gossip.  I am blessed to have grown up with the parents I did.  Being a parent, I see how hard it can be to show good character and be a shining example.  They never were manipulative.  They didn’t form division between my sister and I.  They didn’t compared us.  It really was a peaceful home overall.  It definitely was not perfect, but what family is?  Through some of the rough times and seeing them work through issues gave me a visual of what loyalty looks like in a marriage.

Thinking back, I also see that playing basketball and volleyball in high school taught me many great character qualities as well.  Among them was, loyalty.   My coaches pushed our teams to sacrifice what would be easy, to instead, do what was hard.  And to not just do it for ourselves, but for the sake of the team.  By being loyal to the team, we had many play-offs and competitive competitions that went in our favor.  Our coaches also never pitted players against one another, but worked with the strengths of each individual girl.  I had great coaches.

When taking a few minutes to ponder the word loyalty- it makes me think about marriage commitment, being a respectful worker, keeping my word, serving my family, giving my all for the team, and encouraging others.

I am seeing so many areas in life where being a loyal wife, loyal mother, loyal friend, loyal worker and loyal teammate really says so much about your character and produces such positive outcomes in the lives of others around you.

If you want to be fulfilled with your life and you want to make a great name for yourself and those associated with you, then learn what it means to be loyal.

I made a list of ways that show others your loyalty to them, the team, a grade, or the workplace.  By these simple actions and reactions you prove to them you are one that can be considered loyal and who they can trust.  (By the way, I am still working on some of these.) Continue reading

Pumpkin Puree to Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin season!! Whoot Whoot!!  Yesterday I made pumpkin puree (which is so easy, by the way).  I have made homemade puree many different times over the years and decided to get busy with it this year, because Pinterest is popping up sooooo many yummy looking pumpkin recipes.  I don’t always follow recipes, but I use them as a guide to make what it is I am looking for.  I found this recipe and used the cream cheese middle. I did not try the whole recipe of Crissy’s but it looks delicious as well.  The reason why I tried a different bread is because I wanted to find one that was going to be a little more dense and moist.  So, I went to one that had sour cream in the recipe.  Here was the recipe I got for the bread part.  I tweaked it just a bit and will share the full recipe I did at the end of this post.  But first, I will share how to make your own pumpkin puree for these recipes.

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6 Helpful Tips To Start Keto

For many — MANY years (17- ugh!) I have tried any and every way to lose weight.  I am the body type who LOVES to hold on to her weight.  I never had a weight issue until I started having kids.  Include my metabolism slowing to a halt and you create a perfect storm of weight gain upon weight gain!

But, on May 2, 2017  I stumbled upon a YouTube explaining an eating plan called Keto.  In that few minute video, the intrigue began.  I am a research NUT and so I took notes vigorously.  By the following Monday (8th of May) I was ready to get started with this new weird thing called KETO.  Here were a few things that I did to get me started within 6 days of first learning about it.

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Fall Work has begun

First day of seeding

 Not always, but more times than not, the first day of seeding, or of harvest can be a little unpredictable as we iron out any kinks that happen.  Today was like that.  But luckily my husband is pretty mechanically proficient and was able to get the auger up and running in about 20 minutes.

::Wife life when it’s go time on the farm::

  • 6:30am- it begins & I get up.
  • Take Ryker to school and get the older 2 off.
  • Back to the farm and then help position vehicles in different fields.
  • Back to the house and begin chores, projects, to-do’s and making Joel a lunch.
  • 11:20am   Joel needed me to help him position a seed truck BUT a little adjusting on the auger and then filling the drills and moving the seed truck, brought me back into the farm at about 12:45pm.
  • 1pm ate Caesar salad pita.
  • Prepped for dinner and got lose ends tied for various volunteer work going on.
  • Went to school to pick up Ryker.
  • Get home & worked on homework along with starting dinner.
  • Pick up Braxton from Junior High Football practice.
  • Get home and eat dinner.
  • Keegan arrives home from High School practice.
  • Put Ryker to bed and read him a Bible story (David and Goliath tonight).
  • 8:30pm  Brought Joel out his dinner.
  • 10:30pm  Working on a blog post (this one).
  • 11 Joel gets home.

I am happy to run around and make the life of my husband and my kids’ life easier.  These days don’t last forever and they go fleeting by.  But really, sometimes I think… where oh where, does the day go.

One thing is for sure, the landscape can’t be beat.  I love the area that I live in.

Crisps & a Baby Shower

My cousin and I put together a fall Baby Shower for another one of our cousins.  We had fun with the mountain, deer, arrows, and adventure theme.  We chose various blues and greys as our color pallet.

I was in charge of making a few banners… here is what the madness looked like.


We decided to serve a few simple appetizers… but the main dessert we chose to make was a variety of fruit crisps and cobblers.  My cousin, Mary decided to take on the cobblers, which left me with the crisps.  There is something so comforting about a cobbler or a crisp.

Recipe is as follows:

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Pass It On

Motivational Monday


Hey everyone!  I want to intentionally make efforts to encourage others and try to live my life upbeat and seeing the positive things going on around me.  Of course life does not always go that way, and that is ok, too.  But on Monday’s I thought I might share a motivational word to brighten your week, as I work to be a better person as well.

I believe that we all have greatness within each of us and our life’s journey creates countless opportunities to pass on – kindness, understanding, and our best banana bread recipe.  It feels good to share something that will benefit another and it feels good to receive an intentional nugget of kindness too.

Let’s be the kind of people that we love to be around.

Monday Motivational Challenge:  Intentionally think about a way to ‘pass it on‘… that nugget of kindness to others.

It might be opening the door to others, picking up trash along the street you live on, a smile to everyone you pass, a long overdo visit to a friend, or sharing a recipe with a co-worker.

My Goal this week as I  ‘Pass it on’:  

  • Monday: Smile at every student I see.
  • Tuesday: Only speak encouraging words at my sons Jr. High Football game.  AND bring a treat to my officers booster meeting.
  • Wednesday: Buy a latte for a friend. AND touch base with my sister.
  • Thursday:  Do something special for my husband.
  • Friday: Volunteer my time to the Northwest Children’s Association & Tekoa Booster Club.
  • Saturday: Make a baked good and bring it to my Mom’s house, my Grandma’s house and my Mother-in-Laws house.
  • Sunday: Reflection time and speaking blessings over my family.

What are your goals and/or ideas to ‘Pass it on’?